Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life Is Beautiful by Lauren Hender

Life Is Beautiful!.. 

Everyday I try see beauty in my every world. Sometimes this is hard to see in the busyness of life so I always try to be mindful. 

This absolutely stunning Teresa Collins range makes seeing beauty easy. 

When I first saw this range I was blown away by it's color and design, and to help celebrate this beauty and my mindfulness in everyday life, I have scrapbooked my daughter Katie's first disco.

I love using different textures to build my layouts. Layers of patterned paper, lace, stamps, ink, 
cotton and sequins help to feature the photo. 

In this layout I have used the clear stamps out of the new Teresa Collins Christmas range to 
emboss some flowers. I love this stamp set because it is so versatile. 

Thanks for stopping by... Lauren Hender

Monday, September 1, 2014

Quick and Easy Cards by Yvonne Blair

Hi everyone! 

Glad to be back and this time I am here with some quick and easy cards. 
Teresa's designs make it so easy to put things together and these are no exceptions. 
I used the "cards" Nine and Co. paper. 
It has a bunch of 3 x 4 cards already designed so all you have to do is cut them apart. 
I also used the overlays, some sequins, One of the file folders I had left over from another project and a couple pieces out of the ephemera pack. 
 This one is made using the file folder.  I just cut it down to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. 
This made a perfect A2 size card and I even have more of the folder left over to use for something else. 
I then used part of an overlay to add some GOLD and interest.  
Adhered one of the 3 x 4 cards on top, ties some seem binding, added a few sequins and there you have it! An easy peasy card that you can make in a pinch or have on hand. 
 The one below, I ran a piece of cardstock through my Cut'n'boss using 
Teresa's Decor Circles.  My card base size is A2 so I cut that embossed piece to 4 x 5 1/4. 
Adhered it to the card base.  Then I adhered part of a doily to the left over overlay from the above card and a decorative piece out of the ephemera pack.  I then adhered that down, using the doily to hide the adhesive to the card. Added a couple of pennants from the Chipboard embellishments, tied some seem binding and another card done! Oh...I almost forgot, I used the 'hello there' from Terese's new journal snippets from her signature essentials line. Put a cute little brad to highlight it and then done, wink. 

 For the last card I used another overlay. I cut it down to 4 x 5 1/4, adhered the butterfly and the 'smile always' to the top of the overlay.  The 'smile always' was fussy cut from one of the 3 x 4 cards. 
Then tied a piece of ribbon around the bottom of the overlay.
Before I adhered the overlay I attached two doilies to the card foundation itself.  I then adhered the overlay on top.  It really makes a nice dimensional card that is not to thick to put through the mail. 

 Hope you enjoyed these quick and easy cards.  I don't know about you but I am always caught off guard with the need for a card.  Now I am building a stash of them.  I won't be caught off guard again, wink.  
Hope you have a wonderful week....see you next time! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tinsel & Company Overlay by Christie Bryant

My goal with the layout was to incorporate one of the beautiful Tinsel & Company photo overlays. How fun that I decided it didn't actually need to go over the photo itself! Instead, I used the overlay as the page title. I love the white against the red background. 

What do you think? Have you ever used an overlay in a different way than it's meant for? 

Thanks for stopping by the Teresa Collins Design Team blog today! We're glad you're here. 


Love Deeply by Stacey Michaud

Would you consider yourself a scrapper of events, moments, situations or all of the above?  I will admit that I am not great with scrapping events like holidays or birthdays.  But I love to scrap about moments and everyday events.  Teresa's fun products led me to my newest page.  I decided to scrap about the passions in my children's lives.  The Something Wonderful collection is full of motifs and sayings involving love and living life with passion.

I love a light background when I scrap, especially when my photos have color.  I used a portion of the paper called The Story, adding it to the monochromatic paper with the triangles.  Then I cut the hearts paper called Cards along a diagonal, placing it under the lined paper.  I did the same with the polka dots.  I like how layering in this way adds color and variety without overwhelming.  I finished it with the ABC border.

I used the wood veneer piece as my title.  I wanted to get the idea of passions so I also used the sticker.  I decorated the sticker with enamel dots.  Those little dots just make things more pretty!
I placed some chipboard pieces along the top including the No. 1 banner and the yellow and white zig zag.  I hand cut the circle with the heart from a journaling card and topped it with a black enamel dot.  I added some stars with dots to give some movement and fun.
I wonder if my kids will still love the same things ten years from now?!  We will be able to talk about it since this page has been made!  That is the beauty of scrapbooking!

Monday, August 25, 2014

30 minutes or less - DIY winter wreath by Cheri Piles

As you know I typically make a 'few' wreaths a year, lol!! Anywhoo... I wanted to try out these new flat wreath bases I found at a local craft store. They are pretty fun!! I picked up a medium and a small and thought about how I could make it work with the new collection Tinsel and Co

I've been doing so many Christmas decor items lately I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit and focus on WINTER so I used two sheets of the stars paper. So first in order to time it under 30 minutes - quickly run outside and spray the two bases and star ornament white, add some clear or white glitter to the smaller wreath then set all three pieces in the hot sun and run on back inside and cut 8 strips 1 1/2" and 8 strips 1 1/4", then cut each strip 6" in length for a total of 16 strips each.  

What makes this such a QUICK and easy project is using the TC stapler from Xyron to connect your paper chain together. 

Ok, so I always to things the loooong way... and yes still managed to finished under 30 minutes! I stapled all of my wider pieces first then stapled my smaller ones connecting them all together. I would have been quicker to staple every other strip onto each chain, doh! Once your pieces are dry - mine took about 5 minutes in our 90 heat wave we have going on here! I took some invisible thread and hung the small wreath to the center of the large base, glued my star wood ornament to the center of the small one. Tie your ribbon on and then I just hot glued the larger pieces onto the base.... well, I needed a little bling bling so I added stars from the sequins package to finish it off on the smaller wreath. And TIME, your done!!

I hope you are inspired to create a quick winter wreath for your home! ~Cheri

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas by Jennifer Haggerty

Hi friends! Jennifer on the blog today to show you a layout I created using the new Candy Cane Lane collection!  This line, with its classic prints,  has the traditional red and green of Christmas with grey and black added in! The colors are perfect to add in other colors, as well or hints of silver and gold! 

I chose to add a bit of gold to my page and cut my title and a snowflake from my die cut machine and a piece of gold foil paper.  I layered die cut snowflakes from the Ephemera Pack as well as added a cute Decorative Brad.
Showing my title cut from gold foil paper (this can be found at any local craft store).   I again added a Decorative Brad, as well as enamel dots.

I love using the Photo Overlays that Teresa includes in her collections!  Many times I will place them at an angle under my photos so portions show through.  I love the little snowflakes on this overlay!

Here I used two of the snowflake die cuts form the Ephemera pack! I also stamped a couple of the small snowflake from the Clear Stamp Set! 

Thanks for stopping by today!  Check out this collection plus the rest of Teresa's beautiful new releases by going here!  Which is your favorite? 
Have a great day!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Times Mini by Yvonne Blair

Hello everyone.  

Glad to be back with another little project from Nine and Co.
Can I tell you how much I adore this line? hehehe. 
I created this little book to keep with me in my bag. 
 It has a couple little pockets in the front and back to notes or receipts I need to file in. 
 I thought I might write down my very favorite quote here on the right to inspire me whenever I open the book. I probable will write it in pencil so I can replace it from time to time. 
The next page has a pocket on the front and back to stick whatever I need to keep in it. Maybe Lists and Coupons...stuff like that. 

 The Create a beautiful life card swings open and I will probable add a picture of my family there. 
After all they are the beautiful part of my life. 
 And some more places for notes and maybe a few pictures or quotes that inspire me to live happier, more creative and braver.  This line just makes me feel happy looking at it.  The colors are so fun and vibrant.

Hope you enjoyed today's little mini book.  Good Times.  Let's remember them and celebrate them. 
I hope you have been inspired to get creative today! 
If your LSS isn't carrying Teresa's new lines ask them too! You will want them, I promise!
I will be working with Life Emporium next...so excited about that collection too.
It just came in at my LSS and I scooped it up! hehehe. I think I will be hoarding some of this. 
Until next time...

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